52 Project: 28/52

20140715-112241-40961554.jpgUgh. So it’s finally happened.  Its so humid in the city that I can barely breathe.  The subway stations are like underground broilers. I’m a sweaty, sticky, cranky mess. :-(

But on the upside, last night Florrie and I went to Madison Square Garden and saw Bruno Mars and Pharrell on the Moonshine Jungle Tour.  It was amazing, and I usually hate concerts. lol  Bruno has an amazing voice, his pitch is incredible, and when he sings live its just like listening to a recording, he’s that good. But he also makes each song different when he performs them live, exciting and new.


His band is just as talented, I love their synchronized dancing while they play.  It’s so so so good.  If you ever get the chance, see him live. You won’t regret it, he is a vibrant, talented and fun performer and the show was worth every penny! Check out our Instagram for some video evidence. :-)

Stay cool!  -Marie


52 Project: 27/52







I hope everyone had a fun and happy July fourth weekend. Mine was fun and productive!  I have a new free crochet pattern that I will release in a day or two (see Instagram for a preview).

I waited till my lunch break again this week to take my photo of our corner of the park.  It was brimming with tourists, lunchtime walkers, food carts and vendors.  The man on the bike was a happy surprise, I decided to use that picture because I thought it was very NYC of him, zooming in front of me like that.

I walked around a bit and snapped a few extra photos as well.  Just to the left of our corner there is a sculpture installation that changes every few months. If I had been thinking ahead I would have scootched down the block a bit so it could be seen in every photo. Oh well. :-)  Lady Victory was all shiny and golden in the noontime sun.  The horse drawn carriages were all lined up.  The Pulitzer Fountain was a cool oasis, that’s Pomona on top, pouring out her abundant water to cool off the locals.  The view down Fifth Avenue (looking downtown) shows the hazy humidity of this particular Monday. It’s a bit hot and sticky today.  I hope you all have a great week! -Marie

Thursday at the Museum

Taking advantage of a beautiful day off, walking around in the cool air conditioning at the American Museum of Natural History and sitting outside in the shade at the Ross Terrace. These kids are cracking me up. -Marie

52 Project: 26/52

20140701-110408-39848624.jpgI thought I would change things up a little bit this week. I usually take my picture on my way in to work on Monday mornings, and at that early hour our corner can seem a bit tame.  Yesterday I decided to take my weekly shot later in the day during my lunch break when the true hustle and bustle of Central Park is more evident.  By noon, the hot dog carts, t-shirt vendors, pedicab drivers and nestled under the trees, the Strand bookshop tables are all out and locals and tourists are everywhere.

Of course yesterday quickly got away from me and I just now realized that I never posted my picture. I took a nice long walk over to Bethesda Fountain and back. It was hot! But still really beautiful, but I had over 13,000 steps in for the day.  Have a great week!20140701-110409-39849614.jpg

Project 52: 25/52

20140623-151119-54679422.jpgThe summer solstice was this past weekend, it was filled with the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, loads of edge of your seat World Cup football games and great food. NYC has caught the FIFA  Fever, as our team is playing the best football it ever has at the World Cup (though don’t get me started on that last goal by Portugal, that NEVER should have happened)  I love living in a densely populated area when big sporting events are happening. You can hear the shouts, cheers and agonized groans up and down the block during the entire game.  It’s very amusing.

Quite frankly I’m exhausted after this weekend, and I’m glad to be sitting at my desk this Monday. :-)  The humidity is way down, the days are warm and the nights are cool. I could get used to this weather!  Tomorrow night I’m going to a lecture at the Hayden Planetarium followed by star gazing on the terrace, as long as the sky cooperates.  Have a wonderful week and GO USA!!


52 Project: 24/52

20140616-132636.jpgI hope everyone had a great weekend, I had some quality time with my couch, a bit of wool, FIFA Football and Game of Thrones (and may I say “Happy Father’s Day Tyrell” eeep). lol  But, I was back in the gym this morning and I’m ready for a new week.  Hello Mr. Guy crossing the street. Why yes, I am taking your picture. :-)

Have a great week everyone! -Marie