52 Project: 33/52


It was a gorgeous late summer day today. Warm, but not too warm, bright blue skies, wall to wall tourists. Lol.
I spent a considerable portion of my lunch break going over color pallets for some upcoming projects.  While it’s lots of fun, it can get rather exasperating when you start to rethink and over think things too much, but I believe that I finally settled on some pretty combinations.


It makes it doubly hard when you have too many pretty options. Darn you Liberty of London!   This, though, is a problem I don’t mind having. :-)

Hope you all have a great week!   -Marie


Pre-Season Knitting

The other day I took up my needles after quite a long summer break. I was eager to knit, but having wool so close to my body when the temperatures were above 85 degrees was a little off putting.  the act of sitting on the sofa and knitting was causing me to sweat buckets.  Where’s that polar vortex gone?

I decided to keep it simple and made a cozy cowl using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. I can’t wait for the temperatures to dip so I can wear it.  This was my first knit with BT and true to it’s name, it’s a loosely spun, rustic, tweedy wool, but it gets a really nice softness to it after blocking. It blooms beautifully and it’s a bit clingy back in on itself so it creates a fabric with really nice structure and great stitch definition. I have a feeling it will be a great choice for color work.
Now for the truly hard part… what do I call the pattern? I’m terrible at this stage of pattern engineering. Lol. -Marie



52 Project: 32/52

20140812-132127-48087879.jpgAugust is weirding me out a little bit.  I keep looking over my shoulder expecting the heat wave to strike at any moment, but so far August has been strangely quiet.  There have been hot and humid days, but nothing extreme, and the evenings have been cool.  I’ve only used my air conditioner about 3 or 4 times this summer. Weird! Right?!  Let me not jinx it.  This morning was cool, we have a weather system coming through today. It’s supposed to be rainy all afternoon. We could use the rain.

I knit a simple fall cowl over the weekend, I’ll post the pattern soon. It’s very simple so it will probably be free.  I used Brooklyn Tweed Shelter wool. I like it, it has structure and nice body, and after you block it it softens up really nicely. I’ll post pictures soon. Hope you all have a great week. -Marie


52 Project: 31/52



Hello August! Where did you come from?  I’m grateful that this summer has been pretty mild by NYC standards. Sure its been hot and humid, but the temperatures haven’t been too awful. We haven’t had any heatwaves, of which I am not a fan.  I hope August doesn’t have any heatwave plans up her sleeve. Did I just jinx it? She can be a tricky one. Hurry up September. LOL.

General Sherman and his buddy Victory are apparently getting a makeover, though I’m not sure why, the gold leaf was all replaced last spring. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks.  I’m heading up to The Croakery this weekend for spend some quality FloMa time with Florrie. We have some fun fall things up our sleeves for you.  Take that August. Have a great week everyone!


52 Project: 29&30/52

7/21/14  29/5220140728-130125-46885677.jpgI have been battling the worst head cold that I have had in years. I remembered to take my picture last Monday, but between bouts of fever and coughing up a lung I never got around to actually posting it.  By day six my sore throat was epic so I went to the Dr. to make sure it wasn’t  something horrible like strep. Thank goodness it wasn’t. Just your typical cold virus which meant I just had to be patient and wait it out. Today marks day 11 and my sore throat is finally nearly almost gone, the cough is still present but dwindling.   Florrie and I are running a 5k at the end of August, which is terrifying because I haven’t been running for going on three weeks. Eeep!  Back at it this week. Wish us luck!

7/28/14  30/5220140728-130310-46990027.jpg

52 Project: 28/52

20140715-112241-40961554.jpgUgh. So it’s finally happened.  Its so humid in the city that I can barely breathe.  The subway stations are like underground broilers. I’m a sweaty, sticky, cranky mess. :-(

But on the upside, last night Florrie and I went to Madison Square Garden and saw Bruno Mars and Pharrell on the Moonshine Jungle Tour.  It was amazing, and I usually hate concerts. lol  Bruno has an amazing voice, his pitch is incredible, and when he sings live its just like listening to a recording, he’s that good. But he also makes each song different when he performs them live, exciting and new.


His band is just as talented, I love their synchronized dancing while they play.  It’s so so so good.  If you ever get the chance, see him live. You won’t regret it, he is a vibrant, talented and fun performer and the show was worth every penny! Check out our Instagram for some video evidence. :-)

Stay cool!  -Marie