52 Project: 15/52

20140414-092646.jpgThe first frothy green leaves have finally unfurled. (alliteration, anyone?) New Yorkers are blinking up at the foreign sunshine,  emerging from their apartment buildings and marveling at the warm temperatures. This weekend it was 70 degrees!! SEVENTY DEGREES!  I actually experienced being too warm. That hasn’t happened in a while.

My friend and I went to the American Museum of Natural History on Saturday.  I bought a membership and I can’t wait to go back, there are so many things I love about that place. I have another friend who was drawing his way through all the exhibits… I should find out if he’s still doing that and join him one time. I love a good museum drawing session. I also discovered that you can SLEEP OVER at the museum. What the what?!  I need to find a kid to borrow so I can do that.  I hope wherever you are, that spring is springing for you, too. (unless you’re in the southern hemisphere… then happy autumn!)



52 Project: 14/52



NYC was teetering on the brink of spring, but this weekend it has tipped and become official.  People are dressing lighter and are out more. I spy more morning joggers running outside on my way in to work each day.

The daffodils and crocus were blooming in my neighborhood. The buds on the trees will be bursting any second now.  I took a little stroll in Central Park and the weather was really beautiful. Still a little overcast and broody, but the weather is certainly warmer and the spring flowers are popping up everywhere.






52 Project: 13/52


We are on April’s doorstep in NYC, and even though its cold and rainy (as early spring should be, in my opinion) the trees are starting to swell with buds. Seriously, take a peek at the trees in the picture above. The tips of every branch are flushed with red and the little leaflets are already beginning to unfurl.  The daffodils along my street have pushed their way out of the ground and they should be opening their blossoms any day now. I’ve seen some pretty purple crocus, and the rosebushes have tentative red leaves sprouting along the greening vines.The lighter evenings have been throwing me off, too.  My internal clock makes me think its 5:30 based on the light, and when I look up at the clock its 7:30… yikes!

Here & There: Quilting Edition


This post was meant to have Florrie’s story about her hexagons, too… but temperamental internet has kept her from finishing.  She will post hers as soon as she can.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss her project.  Read on for my story -hex

Down at the Flat I was wandering through some few of my favorite blogs a few weeks back and I read about Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy starting work on some fabric hexagons. It jogged a memory of my mother, an avid quilter, making hexagons when I was a girl and carefully hand stitching them together into a quilt top.  Alicia’s hexagons were so pretty. Shades of pink and cream, green and blue.  The combination of nostalgia and the twitchy fingers of my craft mania meant that it wouldn’t be long before I started some of my own.

I’m an OK seamstress at best, but this seemed easy enough.  I did a little research on construction and Florrie ordered us a few sets of paper hexagons online.  We ended up with 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch paper hexagons.  I was to go up to the Croakery for a long weekend and we were set to get started.  While I was there we took a trip to JoAnn’s (which is extra exciting for me as we don’t have any of them down in the City) and we spent 20 minutes picking out fabrics. Initially I wanted aqua and browns, but the greens kept creeping in and the palette seemed to sort itself out. I bought a quarter of a yard of eight different fabrics, four green and four aqua of varying shades, patterns and intensities.

I knew I wanted to make a small project (a quilt seemed a bit daunting to start in case it turned out making hexagons made my teeth squeak) so I settled on a pillow cover.  Turns out making the hexagons is a quick, easy and pretty fun process. I cut out rough squares (why be fussy and cut a hexagon when you really don’t need to??) with my teeny Ginghers.  You just need to make sure that your fabric squares are big enough to comfortably wrap around the paper pieces. Basting the fabric to the paper was quick and easy, soon I had a decent sized stack and started the work of composing my layout. I settled on diagonal stripes of a dark and light of each color, and laid them out to alternate green/aqua/green and so on. I thought the flower motif might be a bit too twee for what I had in mind.


Stitching the hexes together turned out to be a breeze. The instructions said to use a whip stitch, but I somehow fell into blanket stitch and it seemed to be fine.  I picked up a 20×13 inch pillow stuffer and got to work making my piece large enough to cover the front. I’m going to make the back with strips of the remaining fabric.


I haven’t decided if I want to fuss around with a zipper yet, or just make a flap. I do plan to line the inside with muslin to make sure no disasters occur while inserting/removing the pillow. Should I do a layer of thin batting for the cover and do a little bit of quilting, too? Decisions, decisions… Also, would anyone be interested in directions for the hexagon pillow? Let me know and I may be able to take the time to create a PDF.      -Marie


52 Project: 12/52


Apparently Mistress Winter isn’t quite done with us city folk yet.  The day in the above picture may look mild, but it’s quite cold! (22 degrees as I left for work this morning around 7:45 am) and there is snow in our forecast for tomorrow? Snow? I almost feel like I’m in Buffalo again. lol The good news is that if you look a little closer at those trees in the park, you may notice that they are starting to fill in a little bit as the buds begin to swell on every branch and twig. I’ll bet you that by next week’s picture you’ll see some leaves, and probably fewer winter coats. It won’t be long now.   -Marie


No more knitting!

Yes, you read the title correctly. I have given up knitting. These hands will hold needles and yarn no more, well not until April. It was a combination of Marie sending me a link showing a paper piece quilt and eyeing up a bundle of fabulous fat quarters. My head was swimming with new knit designs, but I couldn’t focus on any one in particular. I decided to take a break and dive head first into sewing.
This is my dining table, as you can see there’s no eating done here at the moment.

I hoping to knock a out all of my ideas by the end of the month, and then buckle down to knitting. Stay posted for some updates.