Free Pattern: Reversible Liberty Print Sun Glasses Case


I’ve had a love affair with Liberty print for about 15 years. I still remember the feeling of walking into the Liberty shop on Great Portland Street and seeing bolt after bolt of gorgeous fabric. Any excuse to use this classic beauty is jumped on. I didn’t  quite realize the size of my treasured stash until I was pairing fabrics for this project. Using two small pieces of fabric and a little ribbon, these cases are not only beautiful and practical but a great stash buster. I knocked several of these out in a lazy sunny afternoon.


Download the free Pattern PDF Liberty Sunglasses Case

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Step by step directions:

Iron the fabric then cut two 8.5″ squares.

Lay fabric A with the right side facing down. Place a pin 1 1/4″ from top of fabric on both sides.

A little tip;

I originally left a 1″ opening because I wasn’t sure what ribbon I would thread through for the closure. If you have the ribbon already picked out feel free to alter the size of the opening to better fit the ribbon.

 Fold the top edge over 1/4″ and press with iron.

Fold the fabric in half the long way with the right sides together, matching the pins. Starting at the bottom folded edge, sew along the short side (the bottom) and then the long side with a seam allowance of 1/4″. Stop at the pin. Snip the bottom corner off.

Press open the seams. Make sure you press the long edge seam so it lays over and hides the edge of the top 1/4″ fold.

Repeat the above steps with square B.

Turn piece A so the right side of the fabric faces out. Piece B remains inside out.

Squeeze and wiggle B into A. B should be inside out. It’s a little fiddly. It’s important here to make sure the tops of A and B are lined up, and the 1/4″ seam allowance is sandwiched between the two pieces.

Pin the two pieces together along the top edge.  Here you can either sew A and B together on the machine with as little seam is humanly possible, or hand stitch them together using a ladder stitch. The latter method is actually my preferred way, I think it’s cleaner looking, even if it takes a little more time.

You’re almost done! Do a couple of tiny whip stitches at the base of the opening to join the two halves.Thread your drawstring through the opening, tie the ends off together and trim any excess if needed.


I also like to hand sew the top 1/4″ above the opening for the ribbon.


Orphan Black is Back!

Florrie and I are super excited that one of our favorite sci-fi shows is premiering today. 😆 in honor of it we whipped up a cocktail to celebrate. In fact the Gemini mind of Florrie thought we should do a new drink each week for all our favorite characters. Yesssss. She’s an evil genius, that one.  

Here’s Sarah. Clone #1. Seestra. 


1 oz gin (Beefeater if you want to pay homage to Sarah’s British heritage)

8 oz Pompelmo Sanpellegrino 

1 oz Apricot Nectar

1 tblsp fresh lime juice

Garnish with a slightly bruised sprig of lemon thyme. 

Road Trip: Webs

Florrie and I headed to Webs in Massachusetts last weekend to squeeze some skeins of wool and stock up for some projects we’re working on. We hopped in the Flo-Mobile and drove through the snowy mountain roads and sunshine. Webs is a great fiber destination. I was even inspired to buy some weaving supplies, it’s been way too long since I made anything on my table loom. Florrie found some delicious natural/neutrals and I filled my basket with jewel tones. If you go don’t forget to check out the garage in the back, so many wonderful deals! Such a fun and dangerous place! Hope you had a great weekend, too!  -Marie

Snow Daze



IMG_7763Lots and lots of weather happening here in the east. NYC missed the brunt of both Juno and Linus, but we still had our share of snowy, icy, slushy goodness.  Woolly accessories are in order. Scarves for everyone! :-D -Marie


Free Pattern: Knit Lamp Shades

lamp, glas bord, ikea, knit, knittingI’ve had this set of two lamps from IKEA for a few years now, and while they’re pretty they were a bit plain. Enter- Knitting! I saw that someone had knit a nice cabled cover for their lamps and I knew I could come up with something pretty for mine. After a bit of playing around this is what I came up with and I thought I’d share it with you. I’m not sure IKEA still sells this particular lamp, but it would work with any lamp of approximately the same dimensions. Small lamp: 11″ high and 4.5″ square. Large lamp: 14″ high and 5.5″ square.

Download for FREE on Ravelry!

lamp, glas bord, ikea, knit, knittinglamp, glas bord, ikea, knit, knittinglamp, glas bord, ikea, knit, knitting

Free Pattern: the Steppe Cowl

Steppe4Happy New Year!!

Florrie has designed a beautiful stranded color work cowl in squashy, soft and gorgeous Blue Sky Extra. As our New Years gift to you, here it is… Happy knitting! Download now on Ravelry.