If you know Florrie and I then you know how dear to us our kitchen gadgets and cookery tools are to us.  This page will satisfy two things for myself:

1)  Focusing on the great things we love to cook with


2) My urge as the youngest child to show off.

I know. Its totally self indulgent. :o) But isn’t that what blogs are all about?

My best recent purchases include my Bonjour! All In One Double Boiler.

Believe me, I used to be the one who would say, “If you have two pots you can stack on top of one another… why on earth would you need this?” Until I got it for a friend of mine, and I used it to make some light-as-air lime curd that was velvety and gorgeous. I made the same aforementioned lime curd the next day at my house with two pots stacked up, and it was lumpy and sad.  Believe you me this one is worth it.

Crate&Barrel has them on sale now for only $19.95. Run, don’t walk cause they are almost gone!

I have had my standard steel hardware store veggie peeler for ages and wanted an upgrade. I grabbed this pretty orange Kuhn Rikon peeler with eye gouger (of the potato variety) slash citrus garnisher.

I can’t wait to peel something. The double carbon steel blade is super sharp in either direction, and the sexy curves are also practical. Your thumb and forefinger fit perfectly at the neck for maximum control.

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