My Indoor City Garden

I bought a little tomato plant this spring and it has EXPLODED! Last year’s attempt was a bit of a flop.  I only ended up with 2 or 3 cherry tomatoes, and they were tasteless, sad little things. I made two mistakes that I learned from. I used cheap, poor soil, and didn’t feed it. That equaled bad tomatoes. Well, in reality it equaled no tomatoes.

THIS year I got some great soil, which really was only a few dollars more, and feed it regularly with miracle grow. I do a weak mixture every other watering, and you can see the difference.  Check out that before and after. Please excuse my pile o’ books. I have a thing for books.

I think next year I will follow the same procedure with one exception. I need to buy a great big pot. I didn’t think this one would get so big! In a few weeks I’ll have some fat, red, plum tomatoes and oh, the things I will eat!

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