Wednesday Minus One

This Wednesday I am without a cooking partner.  Modern Margot is off gallivanting across the UK without me.  I know! Can you believe her?

Ok, ok, so maybe there isn’t any actual gallivanting. She’s just visiting her grandparents while Hubs is away.  I still haven’t heard from MM as to whether the tiny boy survived the plane trip. She was really stressed out about the whole thing. But really, who can blame her? Eight hours with a two year old? Yikes. No thank you!

My cooking plans for tomorrow include visions of Blueberry Cherry Crumble, (Bluecherry Crumble?) which I made a version of last night, but the Bear and I ate it before pictures could be taken.  I am still dreaming of Onion Pie. Ohhhh I keep having memories of the Onion Tarts MM and I made two weeks ago. Here’s a reminder…

Right? Stop licking your monitor!

This time around I want to make an entire pie with teeny purple onions. Sounds deeeeelicious, non?

I’ll keep you posted.

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