Pickles & Cupcakes

Now hang on a minute! No one is preggers. I swear!


For our wednesday cookery shenanagins I wanted to make some pickles, and Florrie wanted to make some festive holiday cupcakes. No eggs were fertilized in the making of this blog post.

She started out by mixing her fondant colors. and cutting out an insane number of teeny stars.


While I sliced my cucumbers with my wavy cutter. I love my wavy cutter.


Now, what can we do with some of these cuke slices….


Good call Ms. Ledbetter.

I believe it was elderflower lemonade and mint with sparkling water.  Oh yes, and a hint of cucumber, Yum.

She mixed up her cake batter in the Kitchen Aid,


Few things smell better than butter being beaten to death in a mixer…

I salted my cukes and put them into a colander over a bowl so the water would get sucked out. I guess this dehydrates the flesh a little bit so that they then suck up the vinegar brine. Mmmmm brine.


I chopped up some white onion to add, and peeled some others to pickle separately.


Meanwhile, Flo colored her batter, this one is crafty, so watch out. She wanted a layered effect in her cakes; red, white & blue. Fun!023

She split it into thirds, to this cocoa batter she added red foodcoloring, another she added blue, and left one pale buttery white.  I’m sure you see where this is headed. She’s an evil genius, right?


This one is her tower cake pan.


Oh, check out my present! while in Blighty MM got me a great silicone spatula in my favorite aqua! Isn’t she the tops?


I put the little package of pickling spice into a pot with some apple cider vinegar and extra mustard seeds (I like the little buggars) and applied heat briefly just to activate the flavors. I packed the cucumbers into the big jar and layered the onions into two smaller jars. Poured the brine over the top added a little bit of balsamic vinegar and sealed them up. Its been 4 days since I sealed them, and I think its almost time to eat some!


Pickled onions. So pretty.

By this time the oven had turned the batter into pretty cupcakes, and turned the apartment into the gates of hell. Man it was hot.


Look at how pretty they turned out!!


Ooooo, there’s that gorgeous cake tower.

Now let us take a moment to admire the most beautiful buttercream, evah!


It was white, fluffy, creamy, buttery, sweet, velevty and sexy. Oh so sexy. The kitchen was so hot that we had to put it back into the fridge several times so it wouldn’t melt. then we frosted up the cakes, decorated them with fondant and ate em! I love independence day.




Look at those beautiful layers! they turned out perfectly.

Whew. Take a moment if you need to.  We took some photos of our handiwork and then ate a few more… yes its true. but since it was so hot in the kitchen, I figured that the calories would sweat right off us. I think they did…


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