Scarflette for Jacqui

scarflettepinkI know that with the temperatures being what they are, this probably looks very unappealing…  But think ahead 3 months if you will. The breeze has become cool, nights are positively chilly and the air conditioning at work starts to give you goosebumps. 

My good friend Jacqui is going on a cruise and she wanted something lightweight and small to wear when those airconditioned places onboard became a little too chilly. Pink is her favorite color so that was easy.

I’ve been wanting to play around with some lace patterns so this was thescarflettepink2perfect small scale way to stretch my   lace making legs. This is from the 365 Knitting Stitches a Year perpetual calendar. May 2nd, Fishtail Lace Panel. Its worked over 11 stitches on a stockinette background. I spaced it with 2 knit stitches in between, and then gradually increased them by 2 on the bottom half to create the flare. Its a super simple insert, and its so pretty.  On the bottom edge I added a simple trefoil eyelet detail, though i think I shouldhave knit one or two more rows before casting off, cause its a little hard to see. But the overall result is super cute.


Raspberry and baby pink stripes. Pink is Jacqui’s color, and I hope she loves it. Now I just need to add some buttons and knit a little buttonhole panel and it will be finished. I’ll take her picture when I give it to her. I will post the free pattern as soon as I finish writing it. I’ll add in a photo of a cable knit version that I made for myself too, so you can see the versatility of it.

Stash 096Here you go! Same yarn, but in a pretty blue, with cables instead of lace. The possibilities are really endless.

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