Tomatoes have the, the Greens.

tomatoes16The tomatoes are growing nicely, they’re turning into big fat green jewels. And they are multiplying well, too. But it seems to be taking FOREVER for them to ripen. I know its not quite in season yet. But its hard to be patient. I need to feed it again tomorrow morning, I water it almost every day if the pot feels light and the sunshine is doing its work, too.  Today was super hot and sticky and when I got tomato15home from work in the evening it felt like a greenhouse inside and all my plants are lush and happy.  I grabbed my ruler today and tomato17measured the height of Mr. Tomato Plant.  From the bottom of the pot to the tallest stem its 50.5 inches. That’s over 4 feet!   I totally underestimated how vigorous this guy would be. If you look closely at this picture you can see the little green ovals scattered around it. Can’t wait for them to turn a pale yellow, blush into a pretty orange, then a deepen into a  crimson, then eat them all up.

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