I spent the afternoon downtown with the lovely Florrie today. We went to Purl and I got some much coveted Koigu Kersti Crepe Merino for my Stashbonebuttonscarflette mania. I found these incredible bone buttons. They are a good two inches of loveliness, and I think they will look stunning on the colorful yarn I got. YAY!  Aren’t they fantastic? For the blue colorway I plan on knitting the fish scale pattern scarflette just as I have written it, and the pinker one will possibly be another lace insert. Either way I am excited to get started. I have just 3 more rows on the blue scarflette until I am finished. I have the pattern hand written, but I need to type it up and get a few volunteers to test knit to for me and look for kinks. When its done and tested I will post it on Ravlery for everyone, and will let you know here when its done.

On my way home I decided to walk a bit and wandered into one of my favorite places downtown. I walked up Mott St and took a look at the crazy chinese shops there. They have all manner of exotic things to buy from live frogs to dried conch and some very weird fruits that I have never seen before… Here’s some pictures:

Boxes and boxes of what look like dried mushrooms, squid, and fungi…


Some very strange fish indeed. alive no less. there seemed to be a theme with live critters down there. So fresh, its still breathing!


Exhibit A: Trash can filled with live frogs.


They were all stacked up, I felt kind of bad for the ones on the bottom.


These poor fellows were thrashing around, I waited to get an action shot, but they wouldn’t oblige.


More fresh fish, and the strangest red fruits. I wonder what they’re called.

(UPDATE: My asian friend Lana told me they’re called Dragon Fruit… Nice!)

chinatown6 chinatown5

More dried things. Looks like sardines or anchovies. Yum.


And a few alien looking veggies.


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