Mini Harvest










Exhibit A  is what happens when its beastly hot outside and you forget to water your potted tomato plant. Gosh he looks sad and droopy. But don’t worry, I gave him a big blue drink of miracle grow and you can see how happy he is now after only an hour-ish. I wonder if that does any lasting damage? I hope not, because I forget to water him at least once a week!


I have a few more ripe ones. When they fall off the vine, they aren’t necessarily ripe, so I put them on the windowsill till they are perfectly perfect.  I couldn’t resist eating one of these this morning. I’m saving the rest for a nice salad to go with my slow cooked chicken thighs tonight. I’m chucking some (.59 cent!!) chicken thighs into the slowcooker with some garlic, onion, little red potatoes and spinach. Actually I need to go start that soon, chicken is faster than beef, but it still takes 3-4 hours in the cooker.

 And now for some nice Martha stewart inspired tomato pictures.











Aren’t they pretty?

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