A Friday Afternoon at the Croakery


As you know, I spent a few days this weekend upstate at Modern Margot and Cobra Commander’s new home. It was so adorable, set in the woods back from the road. Its so quiet and lovely, and the woods smell like heaven at night. It was just a matter of time before she named her new home.  Since the bullfrogs sing around the pond all night it was dubbed The Croakery, which I think is perfect!  On Friday afternoon Cobra Commander watched the tiny boy and she and I went into town to have lunch and catch a movie. Lunch was goooooooood. Just take a look!keeia



MM had a salad of spring greens, and a gorgeous sandwich of meat and cheese on a chiabatta roll that was chewy and delicious. It was grilled and warm and fabulous!










I had a big juicy burger. It was cooked perfectly, on a nice soft roll with lettuce and some very thinly sliced onions and tomato. It was wonderful. I was very excited.




 Oh and let me please not forget the beautiful iced coffee I had! whew it was a beaut!

After lunch we went to get things for goody bags for the other toddlers that were attending the 2nd Birthday/Housewarming BBQ. She found some adorable bug catchers, some plastic spiders, some balsa wood airplanes, candy etc, all things that would make 2 year old boys smile and laugh.  at the general store I got an Atomic Fireball and it took me about an hour to eat it, lol. I forgot how hot the atomic variety is, I can handle plain old fireballs but I thought the Atomic Fireball was going to burn my tongue off. I am such a wuss.

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