Cake; Why it’s the best food in the world!!

I think the title of this discussion speaks for itself… all you cake lovers stop lurking and expound upon all the glories that are cake.

"Let them eat cake!!!"

"Let them eat cake!!!"

“A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.”
-Ben Franklin (a big fan of cakes… and french whores, but that’s a discussion for another time)

The prize for the best response is a set of 20 beautiful floral cupcake papers by Vestli house!!!


8 thoughts on “Cake; Why it’s the best food in the world!!

  1. Cake to celebrate, cake to commiserate. Second only to champagne. I’ll take it anyway, light and fluffy, rich and dense, eggless, flourless I won’t discriminate. In the correct ratio, cake to buttercream will marry into a perfect texture, the stuff of dreams. Sliky smooth against moist crumbs a great excuse to take time out from your day and savour the little treats in life.

  2. Cake is one of our few undiscriminated social events. If you go visit a friend at work, and someone they work with is having a birthday, there might be cake and if there is, you, a stranger, are welcome to participate in the cake ritual. Even with all the things that separate us, cake will always bring us together, if for a moment, and with false camaraderie. Cake is never a solo experience. Cake is a shared memory.

  3. The first time I saw Red Velvet Cake, I was a little girl travelling with my parents to a church were my father was speaking one Sunday.

    We drove early one Sunday morning from our house in Williamsport, Md. up and down and side to side on the wavey roads of West Virginia. It was a beautiful day with the sun dappled and mottled through the tree leaves. The air was cool, my white tights had a lacey pattern, my mother’s perfume scented the car air and my father hummed a hymn.

    I don’t remember much more about that day, except for the cake. It was two tiered, with the silkiest cream cheese icing. The icing was peaked and wavey – picture perfect! The cake was moist and melted in my mouth. It tasted like dreamy chocolate, but it was RED! How can that be? I was hooked by the mystery. I fell in love.

    Red velvet, red velvet, red velvet.

    If I say it 3 times, will some appear?

  4. While in England, in the 1970’s…
    At an RAF Station outside of London, (RAF Uxbridge)…
    I ate a dessert in the mess hall that was delicious. It was a yellow cake that was shaped like an enourmous gumdrop (but they called it a “pudding”)… It was served by the spoonful, rather than the slice…And each portion was drizzled with a sauce (which I believe was called “Hard Sauce”).
    I would luv to learn how to make this delicious treat (and sauce)…I even bought an English cookbook…but could not transpose the “metric”/”by weight” measurements (I’m used to “cups/tablespoons” and “pounds/ounces.”)
    If this recipe is compatible with American baking language, and does not require more than “endtry level” baking expertise… Could you enlighten me?
    Larry (aka Dad)

  5. I love to have my cake and eat it too!!!! thats why i love cake. And licking the spoons when making frosting. Yummy.

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