The Re-Installation of the Wednesday Cooking Club


I hopped on the Metro North this morning and went upstate to the Croakery to have an afternoon of cooking and fun with Country Barbie and the Tiny Boy. I lugged along my old cookbook Monet’s Table which is a small biography as well as a cookbook based on the cooking journal’s of the painter Claude Monet. I wanted to make his recipe for stuffed onions.


I altered the recipe a little (how shocking). Its basically stuffing the inside of some sweet Spanish onions with cooked up Italian sausage, more onion, bread crumbs and cheese, then baking it until its caramelized and bubbly. I know!


Country Barbie whipped up a beautiful apple crumble pie, with frangipane and crumbly crumbs. We had it with some of the double honey ice cream from the bbq. It was YUM! Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite… recipes and more pictures to come!

P.S. we were fooling around with GarageBand on the Mac, and we are several steps closer to making our first Podcast!

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