Happy Surprise!

moo1There is a company called Moo that makes the most darling little mini cards. I usually get them as business cards for my hand knitting, etsy shop and blog. You just go into your Flickr account, drop in any pictures that you want for the fronts of the cards and type in what you want the backs to say. Simple as pie. You get 100 cards per pack, so you can get 100 cards with the same picture, or 100 cards with 100 different pictures of any number in between.

I haven’t ordered any new cards lately so imagine my surprise last week when I got my mail and I had a little white package from Moo.


Good things come in teeny white boxes with orange belly bands.

While scratching my head, I opened it up!





And suddenly, there they were. On the back it reads Fabulous Trip., fabulous time. Florrie had taken the time to put 100 of my pictures of our trip to England on these teeny cards and now I have the most precious mini photo album.

A very small cross section, but huge memories!

A very small cross section, but huge memories!

What a great idea. That Florrie is full of them. Thank you!


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