September: Subway Stories

Hello all!

Its only the first of September and the temperature here in NYC has already dropped down to the high 60’s. I am in HEAVEN! The discussion topic for this month is Subway Stories!

What’s your funniest, scariest, most memorable moment riding on public transport? Subway Box No. 2-2

The person with the most regaling tale will win this charming teeny paper NYC subway map box!

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Subway Box No. 2-1

2 thoughts on “September: Subway Stories

  1. Its not really a specific story, but there is one thing I learned the hard way about the subway here in NYC.

    When I first arrived and began to use the subway I would wait on the platform in the sweltering heat (you would think the underground would be cooler… but its actually like a giant city wide oven). After a long day on me feet I would dream of getting a much sought after seat on my ride home. Train car after train car would pass, packed with riders, as it pulled into the station. Suddenly I would see one car, nearly empty and I would get excited. WOW! What great luck!

    The moment I got inside I would instantly regret it. There are only two reasons that a subway car would be empty at busy rush hour.

    A) There is no air conditioning. Usually when you get off that platform you are blasted by blissful AC. But when that car is empty, its usually even hotter than the station! Egad.


    B) A bum has made it his home and it smells like a Staten Island landfill with rotten feet on top. Ugh.

    I just thought of one more reason.

    C) A bum has made it his home, AND there is no AC! Double Gross!

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