Potting and Planting



Florrie got a big beautiful basil plant a month ago as a gift, and one of the stalks looked a bit wilty, so she snapped it off and put it in some water to keep until she used it to cook with.  To her great surprise within a few days it had started to send out tender white roots. While I was visiting this past weekend we put it in a little pot.      




We soaked the little terracotta pot in water, Filled it up with fresh soil and plunked the little guy in there. I hope he lives happily ever after – well at least till next spring when she can plant him in the garden.

Speaking of the garden, look at the little shoots that showed up overnight.


We’ll find out soon if they are radishes or spinach!  Its so nice that there are things you can plant so late in the year and still get some growth.


In the front garden we had some lavender, eccineacha, and a pretty purple cabbage to plant. Its a purple theme, and its so pretty.

First I had to dig a hole.


And fill it up with a good amount of water. After the first hole Dutch (A.K.A. The Dutchess) helped me out by alternativelyholding the hose for me to wash my hands, and filling the freshly dug holes with water and being staff photog. She’s not in the pictures, cause she was taking them!

Dutch! What are you getting up to out there by the pond!?

Dutch! What are you getting up to out there by the pond!?

There she is! I won’t go into detail about what she was up to… you’ll have to wait for another post coming in the future. :o) I love anticipation. Actually I hate anticipation. It drives me nuts!


Loosen the plant from the container by giving it a squeeze and a good thumping on the sides.


Support the plant with one hand and pull the container off with the other… and…


VOILA!  Ready to stick in the hole! We made the garden a little bit prettier and made some friends along the way.


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