Cake Discussion Winner!

7100-vh-hy-1We have a winner from our previous discussion, Cake: Why its the best food in the world!  The prize for the best response was a set of 20 beautiful floral cupcake papers by Vestli house!!! Check out their site for the most beautifully decadent papers around.


Our winner is APRIQUE with her comment:

“Cake is one of our few undiscriminated social events. If you go visit a friend at work, and someone they work with is having a birthday, there might be cake and if there is, you, a stranger, are welcome to participate in the cake ritual. Even with all the things that separate us, cake will always bring us together, if for a moment, and with false camaraderie. Cake is never a solo experience. Cake is a shared memory.”

Beautifully put! Aprique, please contact us at to collect your prize.

Don’t forget to participate in the discussion for September. Tell us your best subway stories!

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