Russian Jack 2008 Sauvignon blanc

Russian Jack

Russian Jack

Vineyard; Martinborough vineyard                               Region; Martinborough

Country; New Zealand                                                         Vintage; 2008

Producer; Martinborough Vineyard                               Importer; The sorting table, LLC, Napa, CA, 94558

Alcohol; 13.5%                                                                      Price; $13.50


Beautifully clear and bright, the colour was translucent gold with pale grass green undertones.


Classic New Zealand Sauvignon blanc, fresh, crisp, grassy with strong citrus and gooseberry. Along with hints of melon and pineapple.


The clues given by nose carry through onto the  palate and become more intense. The well balanced acidity hits mid and front palate, and veers slightly more to the sweeter side. A great body, with a long lingering finish.

Florrie’s footnote;

Listen to us tasting this wine on our podcast, Russian Jack tastin’

One thought on “Russian Jack 2008 Sauvignon blanc

  1. Comments from Marie!


    Pale gold, almost peridot. Sparklingly clear.


    Initially acidic, but the nose mellows into a crisp, green apple fruit with green grape undertones.


    Very intense at first, the citrus hitting mid palate. The flavour develops into a very tasty fruity drink that is by turns sweet and acidic. The flavor lingers and mellows nicely.

    Marie’s Musings:

    While I wouln’t choose this particular bottle to drink solo, I would for sure serve it with a nice dinner of fish, or chicken in a cheesy cream sauce. The citrus-ey notes could handle the creamyness and cleanse the palate.

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