Autumn Leaves Scarflette


This was the first version, in the final pattern I ditched the garter stitch button placket to streamline the look. However, this is a good picture to illustrate the shaping of the piece, and the lace pattern.

Click to Download the FREE PDF on Ravelry —> AUTUMN LEAVES


scarflettekeeia2As promised, here it is! My Autumn Leaves Scarflette Pattern! Its taken a while to write it all out, check it for errors, and format it into something nice to look at. And its free free free!! Just because I love you so much.

If you need any support, help or just want to let me know what you think of it please leave a comment or email me at

I am also currently in the process of making it available as a free download on one of the best gosh darn knitting communities on the web. I’ll post again when its up and running.

17 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves Scarflette

  1. I love this design and I want to knit it! Thanks for making it free. I can’t see where there is a link to download it, though. Sue

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment. If you click on the hyperlink at the beginning of the post it will take you to the page where you download the pattern. Its just the name of the pattern, Autumn Leaves, highlighted in blue. Happy knitting and let me know how you like the pattern, its the first one I have written for the public at large. :o)

  2. I have tried to knit the autumn leaves scarflette . I am having trouble at the end of rows with either to many stitches or not enough . Please help.

    Thank you


    • Hi,

      There is some erratta for that pattern, I’m sorry that you’re having trouble. Here is the erratta as I know it so far…
      row 6 should start with SL1, P9 (not P10)
      Row 7 should have k7 at the end of the lace repeat (not k6)
      Row 8 should start with SL1, P10 (not p12).

      I hope that helps and please let me know if you run into any more trouble. :O)

  3. Really mixed up at row 5. And your explanation of row 6 to the other commenter doesn’t work as row 6 is a k p row only …. Help I’m only at row 5. Thanks

    • Hi, sorry to hear that! Can you explain what’s confusing? I’ll do my best to make it clear for you.

      • line 5 says *….yo k5* to last 4 sts yo k4. What I have found is that you don’t do the last yo k5 rather you do yo k4. I read it that you complete to the last * then do the yo k4. What you really want us to do is to replace the last
        yo k5 with yo k4. I pulled out 3 times before I finally figured it out. It of course didn’t help that I was really into an intense movie and I was tired after a long day. But all is well now. On to row 6!

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  5. I was really looking forward to making this but problems stared immediately. You say cast on 94 stitches but row 3 works out 4-18-18-18-18-18-4 for 98 stitches or with one less 18 stitch repeat for 80 stitches. There is no way to do this row without one of the repeats being incomplete. It is a beautiful pattern but I’m going to have to abandon it. I don’t want to start a project I will have to struggle with on almost every row.

    • Hi- the cast on number is correct. If you were to do five full repeats you are correct, the number would be 98, however there are only four full repeats and the final repeat is abbreviated. The instructions say to ‘repeat from * to the last three stitches’ then follow the directions after. I can see that maybe my wording could be a little confusing so I am working on cleaning it up a little bit. I do hope that you’ll change your mind and give it another go!
      thanks for your comment.

  6. I love autumn leaves. I think it has to be revamped in full. I restarted it several times.
    Never came up with the counts listed, after #26. I ended with 220 stitches.and used 7 gms

  7. I keep getting 104 stitches atr row 27 instead of 102.. Did it over 3 times and had my friend do it once. What do I do now to finish it?

  8. All goes well until row 35, when eyelets start appearing where they shouldnt, and can’t end row with k3 then yo, k3 unless I fudge the last few sets before the yo, k3.
    So….can’t finish unil you send me the secret fix. Thanks.

    • Hi Marilyn, I think I know what’s happening. Row 35 is the beginning of the next repeat, so the eyelets will seem out of place until you knit the next few rows and you will see the diagonal pattern emerging again. Though, not ending up with the right number of stitches is odd. Did you end up with 126 stitches at the end of row 34?

  9. Ah-HA!
    I wrote out Row 35 on graph paper, and I think I know where the confusion lies now. There are four full repeats of the pattern in the row, but the last repeat isn’t a full repeat. I thought I was writing it simply, but I think the way I wrote it may have added confusion. The last repeat will be (starting from the *):
    yo, k3, slip 1, k1, psso, p5, k2tog, k3 – then you should have three stitches remaining and at that point you should yo, k3.

    I hope that clears it up! I think it may be time to update the pattern and add a chart to it too!

    • HI,

      Another problem – finally got through row 35, but row 37 doesn’t work – after ripping and redoing 3x, still end up with 49 sets, not 42. Thought about just doing garter stitch for the last few rows but hate to give up! Afraid of rows 39 and 41 after this……


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