Late Summer Tomatoes

I know how much you all have been dying to hear how my tomatoes are doing this late in the summer. *cough cough*

But, I am going to tell you anyway. :O)


From the middle down its fall. Some of the older lower leaves have been turning yellow then brown and dropping. The stems where lucious ruby-red fruits hung, just a few weeks ago are now empty, useless and barren.


But if you look at the equator and higher, its like mid July!  Blossoms, and little, hard, green gems of new fruit.


I’m not counting on any major harvest, that happened in late August. But the still sunny september days combined with some cool, heck, even chilly evenings have keep this trooper going.


I expect it to keep climbing up my window until the first frost hits. I’m going to miss this little guy when he goes.

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