Thinnin’ a hard lesson to learn

I was really excited to walk out one morning and see that by shoots were still well, shooting up!!! However my excitment was short lived,during a conversation with Marie she brought to my attention the very thing that I had not wanted to hear.

Not such a happy me

Not such a happy me

“Oh, now you have to thin them”.

“What, but do I have to?”

“Indeed you do if you want a good crop”.

Since Marie is my gardening guru I did as I was told and set about thinning the shoots.


Selecting the smaller shoots and plucking them from their home


Marie instructed that I do this myself so that I would learn the lesson the hard way. She was there for moral support.


Radish carnage, these won’t go to watse


Ahhhh, breathing space


The thinned radish spouts were a delicious accompaniment to that nights dinner

And, a week later


The radishes are really flourishing and loving all that space!!

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