Cookies and coffee milk

To emphasise  the fantabulousness of Nigella Lawson, for our podcast “Celebrity chefs; love them or loathe them”, I made the most delicious  ‘Totally chocolate chocolate chip cookie” from her ‘Nigella Express’ book. As a  concomitant to these other worldly treats, I thought the worlds easiest iced coffee would work perfectly.

Coffee milkHalf a cup of milk, I use  whole

Coffee milk

Coffee milk

Into a glass it goes, I love the delicate milk bubbles left in the bottom

Coffee milk

As an optional indulgence a dash of cream

Coffee milk

This stuff is great, for impatient coffee drinkers who want their caffeine fix quick, like me

Coffee milkJust a teaspoon of this tar like liquid will do

DSCF2623Like treacle it falls slowly to meet the milk

Coffee milkBut mixes in in seconds

Coffee milkA little ice

Coffee milkFrozen island in a milky coffee sea

Coffee milk Yuuummmmm perfect

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