Easy Tote Embellishment Part 1


All you need is a few pins, some thread and some inexpensive, yet pretty ribbon.

I have a date to teach someone new to knit, and I wanted to make a pretty tote bag for her shiny new knitting supplies.  However, I don’t charge a whole lot for knitting lessons, and I didn’t want all my profit to vanish before I even got paid.  So I decided to embellish a simple cotton tote.


I got a roll of a delicate pale aqua (my fav!) gingham ribbon from Michael’s Arts & Crafts. It was under $4.00, perfect! And look how pretty!


 Sorry. I know that picture was big. But I LOVE it. :O)

tote4I bought a very inexpensive small cotton tote from one of my all time favorite stores, Muji. Love is not the word, and perhaps my obsession is the topic of a future post…

But I digress, after my Muji experience,  I grabbed my pretty-pretty pin cushion that a very pretty girl made for me (thanks Florrie!)tote3 I cut Two lengths of ribbon just a bit longer than the lengths of the handles, folded the edge under and pinned it to the tote handle. Sewing with your machine, just stitch along each edge, going slowly so as to keep it neat with tote7a matching, or if you feel the whim, a contrasting thread.  

 Come see Part 2, finishing touches!









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