The nights are drawing in and the wind’s whistling, so to avoid gaining unnecessary pounds by digging into the biscuit barrel I’m going to be keeping my hands busy by crafting A LOT this Autumn/Winter. So here’s my first project , just in time for Halloween. A little trick in the middle of a treat.
BOO! Box

What you’ll need; A  small shallow box, black paint, orange paint, orange card, mini cupcake papers, wooden ‘BOO’ decoration Halloween ribbon, Halloween paper, candy, pencil, ruler, glue and tape.

BOO! Box

I chose to use a long, shallow bracelet box. Then painted it black all over, inside and out.

Thin wooden cut outs come in several spooky shapes
Thin wooden cut outs come in several spooky shapes

I used BOO!, but took the ! to make it fit inside my box better. Then I…

BOO! Box…Painted it bright orange

To make the BOO jump out and surprise the recipient I made an origami type spring. When I was little we would always make larger ones any time we had to decorate at school.

BOO! BoxYou need to end up two pieces of card that measure 2cm x 66 cm (3/4″ x 22″).  My card wasn’t that long, so I just glued the bits together

BOO! BoxGlue them together to form a right angle…

Regressing back to primary school days

Regressing back to primary school days...

With an end in each hand, fold the piece in your left hand back on itself  to the right

BOO! BoxSo it looks like this

BOO! BoxNow do the same to the end in your right hand, but fold it to the left. Just remember the piece you are folding should go over the top of the other piece. You can’t go wrong.

BOO! BoxWhen it’s all folded and finished, this is what it looks like, square and springy

BOO! BoxGlue it in the middle of the box. Put the lid on and it will keep the spring in place until it’s dry

BOO! BoxCute skull and cross bone mini cupcake papers, Glue two of these on either side of the spring

BOO! BoxBoing, boing, boing

BOO! BoxBefore you put the glue on to stick the BOO to the spring, use  a bit of tape to position it to try a balance the weight. This will make sure that when the lid is taken off the BOO will come straight up instead of flopping over. Put the lid on to hold the BOO in place

BOO! BoxGlue some pretty ribbon around the edge of the lid of the box

BOO! BoxCut a piece of decorative paper to fit the top of your box and stick it down

Once everything is dry, the only thing left to do is add in the sweeties, and trick someone with the treat

BOO! Box

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