MissCip’s Slouchy Beret

semolinasI have a very good friend named Miss Cip that requested a handmade hat.  I have stopped knitting on request lately for two reasons; I have been so busy knitting for myself and writing knitting patterns that I have very little time, and I feel guilty charging someone what a one of a kind handmade knit actually is worth. Once you add in materials, and most of all time, it would get pretty pricey. Just ask your self this question: If I were to work 10 hours on something… what would I pay myself an hour? That should give you an idea of how much I should be charging. But how do you look someone you know in the eye and say “I’d be happy to knit for you… $250 please!” I don’t know about you… but none of my friends are celebrities, or trust fund babies. So normally I turn them down gently, and offer to teach them to knit themselves. But Miss Cip, my Semolina, is a special case. For more reasons than one,  (j/k hun) and I was happy to accept her request.

She asked for a black, soft, chunky hat (bless her heart!) so I knew it would knit up quickly.  I got her some lofty, beautiful Blue Sky Alpaca worsted in an inky jet black.


I cast onto a set of needles 2 sizes smaller than I plan on using and knit a few rows of k1, p1 ribbing. Then I knit it onto the circular needles to knit turbo style in the round.


What a great opportunity to write a new pattern! I hope to finish this one today, and if all goes well I should have a new hat pattern to boot!


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