I tried. I really did. But even though I have made an entire hat out of this great yarn before, I didn’t really take the extra slouchiness into consideration. this is what I get for winging a pattern! I did have a great little pattern going, and it looked nice, a repeating leaf, but I started to run out of yarn before I had even got 6 inches. Poop.

Today is National Face Your Fears Day, and I had planned on a much loftier blog post. Heights, public speaking, heck, even public nudity. But work and life got in the way so I wasn’t able to demonstrate how being on top of  the Empire State Building makes my forearms tingle and even looking down from the 4th floor balcony at the Time Warner Building makes my butt cheeks clench together in fear. You all really dodged a bullet there!


Instead I’m talking about working hard on something for a few hours and realizing that its not working and having the guts to abandon ship, rip it apart and start from the very beginning again. It can be scary to admit that you made a bad decision, and even scarier to undo something that cost you so much effort. But in the end, hopefully, you learn from your mistakes and look at the re-wound ball of yarn as a new beginning and not just a complete failure.  Knitting philospohy with Marie.


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