FlorrieMarie Tote and T-Shirt

We thought a little shameless self promotion never hurt anybody, so we thought that at the New York sheep and wool festival we would do just that. We ruled out streaking and came up with a tote and a t shirt.

T Shirt

FloMa T shirtTake one t shirt. We got ours from Michael’s Arts and Crafts 2 for $5.00, Bargain. I washed and dried them

FloMa T shirtChoose an image and text and print it onto image transfer paper. Remember to print the image in reverse

FloMa T shirtCut it out

FloMa T shirtIron it on..

…Leave it to cool, and..

FloMa T shirt…Peel off the paper

FloMa T shirtAnd you’ll end up with your image on the t shirt

FloMa T shirt

The letters aren’t as vivid as I wanted. Next time I’ll be sure to get the transfer paper specifically for darker colours


We used a Muji tote, and before you sigh, I know we use them ALL the time, but they’re only 75 cents!!!! That’s a bargain not to be sniffed at.

FloMa toteFloMa is how we refer to ourselves, I toyed with the idea of putting FlorrieMaire, but thought it would be too crowded. Ok, so this is just text printed onto paper

FloMa tote

Slip the paper inside the bag and position it.

FloMa tote

Using a tailors pencil lightly trace the shape of the letters

FloMa tote

The lines should only just be visible

FloMa toteAs this tote is going to The New York Sheep and Wool Festival, I wanted to show our love of knitting, so knitted some icord for the letters

FloMa toteStart stitching it down, but don’t cast off until you’re close to the end, just in case you need to adjust

FloMa toteThis will provide the bag with some pretty 3D detail

FloMa toteAlmost at the end, so time to cast off and hide away the loose ends

FloMa toteNow that the lettering is in place, it’s time to lay out the rest of the design and make any changes

FloMa toteFrom the rough sketch of the sheep, I’m tracing the image onto freezer paper. Freezer paper is GENIUS, paper on one side waxy on the other. It is perfect for projects like this…

…Here’s why

FloMa toteAfter tracing, there’s cutting

FloMa toteThen Ironing. Iron the freezer paper wax side down and it will bond to the fabric which allows you to use it like a stencil. See told you it was Genius

FloMa toteDab on your fabric paint, I think I’ll have one white sheep and…

FloMa tote…one brown sheep

FloMa toteWait for the paint to dry completely, I put my mine in the sun as I was born with almost no patience

FloMa toteThen slowly peel the freezer paper away. There won’t be any waxy residue left

FloMa toteEt voilà, two sheep bodies

FloMa toteNow, Ilm repeating the freezer paper process for the sheep’s head. Trace it..

FloMa toteIron it down, lining up the pencil marks with the edge underneath

FloMa toteI choose to give the sheep contrasting faces

FloMa toteUsing transfer paper again, I had to get the web address  in somewhere. I hope it’s straight

FloMa tote

The big reveal

FloMa toteTa Dah!! So far, so good, but it needs something

FloMa toteThe sheep are going to get a little personality with embroidered faces

FloMa toteBa Ba brown sheep

FloMa toteNow all that’s left to do is to stitch on the red gingham ribbon

FloMa toteThe finished product

FloMa toteWaiting to be stuffed full of the fabulous yarn we plan on buying this weekend!


3 thoughts on “FlorrieMarie Tote and T-Shirt

  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! From the pics to the writing…I always feel like I’m on an adventure with you gals. Keep the stories coming…and keep inspiring others to be creative….I know you convinced me….I’m breaking out my sewing machine this weekend!

  2. I feel silly writing what the other comment says, but I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I check it at least 3 or 4 times a week and am always excited to see what you two have done. I particularly love the bag you made. The sheep are so cute and the i-cord stitched on for letters is genius…pure genius. Gonna do it to something, just gotta find what.

  3. Thanks you guys! We LOVE comments, sometimes I feel like I am talking to a big empty room… and comments make it a dialogue! I’m so happy you like what we’re doing.

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