Trick or Treat Tote

You’ve got the costume, the accessories, the make-up and masks… why not have something inexpensive and fun to put all that loot in on the big night?

Its another great use for a 75 cent cotton tote from Muji, and a few bottle of fabric paint and a fabric marker from Michael’s, raided my pantry for some freezer paper and grabbed my iron. I was ready!



I sketched out my design onto the non plastic side of the freezer paper.


I used a sharp Exacto knife to carefully cut it out.


Cut out and ready!


Position it on your tote where you want it. I decided on the middle, tilted slightly in a jaunty fashion...


Double check that the freezer paper is on tight before you start painting.


You don't need fancy brushes, I used these inexpensive sponge brushes to paint my fabric paint on the tote. I slipped an old magazine inside so that the colors wouldn't bleed through to the back side.


There you go! All painted! Now use your self control to let it dry completely before you take the paper off.


Once its dry, carefully peel the paper off and discard it.


So CUTE! Now you are ready to add some detail with your fabric marker.

Done! The marker only looks pale on the left because of the light coming in from the window, its writes quite dark, and it doesn't belld, even on this thin cotton. Now you're ready to fill her up with candy! You can also stitch some scary black ribbon onto the handles if you wanted to....

Done! Ready to filled up with candy and treats!

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