Baby Suprise!

My friend Jamie is having a baby!  I truely admire the thoughtful, intuitive way Elizabeth Zimmerman knitted, and wrote patterns. If you haven’t read any of her witty musings on the topic, please take the time!

This very simple and mind blowing pattern is from her book The Opinionated Knitter You knit up this very odd looking piece of fabric, give it a little fold and a short seam and VOILA! you have the most darling gater stitch baby sweater. Its really like magic. I have attempted this baby sweater before, but I was a beginning knitter and I got hopelessly lost.  Years later I have the perfect opportunity to try it again, and after a little hiccup its coming along rather nicely. This is the first try for the sweater…


Try number one... Almost made it!

 Take one: I used size 6 needles, and A) I ran out of yarn before the end, and B) it looked a bit too big for a newborn. So I girded my loins, frogged it, rewound the ball and started afresh.  (Yes, the BrownBear let me use his lap as a photo studio…)


Re-wound and ready for another go.

I am a little more than halfway done with version two. I have ironed out the kinks, and I am using a US5 needle this time. I also adjusted my tension so that I a not knitting quite so loose and fingers crossed, it will work out just fine. I should be finished with it tomorrow. Thank you Elizabeth Zimmerman!


Take two, so far so good!

3 thoughts on “Baby Suprise!

  1. I would like the shawl pattern, but keep getting sent here…however, I cannot find the pattern “here”. Can you give me a hint? Thanks.

    • This pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book The Opinionated Knitter. I don’t own the pattern so I cannot show it here. But the book is available to buy on Its a great book.

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