Bacon Basil Sandwich

Thick slices of smoky bacon, delicate peppery basil leaves and creamy avocado come together in the sandwich to make every bite just heavenly. Make a meal out of it and serve with crisps or chips. I think this has to be my most favourite sandwich, I’m salivating just typing this up! It’s not just the combination of flavours, but the contrast of textures that makes this sandwich so satisfying to munch.

So grab these ingredients and get to making it; Bread, Mayo, Bacon, Basil leaves, Small onion, Lettuce leaves, Avocado and Salt & Pepper.

Bacon Basil Sandwich

Look at the crumb on that!!

Take your bread and slice it. If you know anything about us then you know the love we have for a home made boulé. Feel free to lightly toast you bread if that’s your preference.

Bacon Basil Sandwich

The prefect strip barely a whisper of fat

Everybody has their own way of cooking bacon, but this is how I cook mine. I lay the strips on to  a cooling rack, which has been placed over a baking tray, and then I grill it. I find that the rashers stay flat cooking it this way.

Bacon Basil Sandwich

Sorry, just had to get a closer look a those rashers

This bacon is from Mountain Products Smokehouse, and I think it’s fab-U-lous!!

OK, back to the sandwich, I am constantly side tracked.

If you want your onions cooked, now is the time to do it.

Bacon Basil Sandwich

Just a dollop

My condiment of choice this time is mayo, I think I’ve also made this sandwich with mustard too, both yummy options.

Bacon Basil Sandwich

Spread it thinly or thickly it's up to you

Check your bacon, and turn it for crispy perfection on both sides.

Bacon Basil Sandwich

I just can't get enough

I’ve sliced up half an avocado, I thought about using more, but decided that would be greedy.

Bacon Basil SandwichA little sprinkling of salt , just enough to draw the flavour of the avocado out.

Bacon Basil Sandwich

Slightly charred

I like to keep the small boiler onions around as they are the right amount for one. Depending on my mood I’ll either cook them or have them raw in this sandwich.

Bacon Basil Sandwich

Delicate in appearance, bold in taste

One or two leaves aren’t enough for me..

Bacon Basil SandwichI like to taste them in every bite.

The star of the showMinimal shrinkage, minimal curling. I slice each rasher in half and pile it high. All that’s left to do is add some lettuce and top it off with the other slice of bread.

Bacon Basil Sandwich

Sandwich Perfection

Go get your chops round this!!!!

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