Walking in the Woods


I spent a sunny fall weekend upstate and we took advantage of the beautiful weather by going for an afternoon walk in the woods behind the Croakery. Not only were we taking in the gorgeous weather, but we were looking for some branches for a Christmas project that Florrie will be working on.


Along the western edge of the property is an ancient field stone wall. It amazes me that there are any farms around at all considering how many stones are in the soil. I can’t even imagine all the back-breaking work it was back when this state was being cultivated. Someday I want to have a field stone wall!


I love a mossy stone. Don’t you?


There were a few snowy white birch trees in the woods, their papery bark starting to peel off and catching the light. They really stood out in the midst of all that brown and grey.


We found some good branches and enjoyed the stillness of the woods, until we heard the crack of a rifle in the far distance and decided that it may not be such a good idea to be wandering around in the woods, dressed in grey and carrying antler-like branches on the first day of deer hunting season. So we tramped back through the woods to the Croakery and had dinner.

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