One of the bonuses of living in NYC is that so many great shows are taped here, and the tickets are relatively easy to get. Last week I was lucky enough to procure tickets to see one of my favorite lifestyle mavens, Martha Stewart. Live, from her studio in Chelsea. It was fun!


People were lined up outside the Chelsea Studios (where Tyra also tapes) in the chill November morning. It was actually beautiful outside. I got a latte from DD and a blueberry muffin and got in line.



After a little bit of waiting outside, we were ushered into a pretty waiting room with chairs lined up in front of a big screen tv playing past episodes of Martha. The Martha people all had a task and it was very well organized.


Beautiful pictures from the magazine were all over the walls and there was a little shop where you could buy t-shirts, tote bags, books and the like.


After a few more minutes of waiting and signing the “I’m on TV” waiver we filed into the studio to take our seats. It was beautifully lit, and beautifully decorated. Stylists were scurrying around with their assistants making everything perfect.





I love the rolling pins on the wall... I'm going to do that!

I love the rolling pins on the wall. I am totally ripping that off, thanks Marty!



Ooohh We’re going to be LIVE on tv!


This man was very distressed about the state of his bedding. He made and remade it about 4 times before the show began.


But he needn’t have worried, it turned out beautifully.


Lou and I had a great time. We’ve worked together for years and it was nice to go and do something fun together.


Sadly we were prohibited from taking pictures during the taping, but I’ll give you highlights. Jim Cramer was on talking finances, Chef MichaelPsilakis made a gorgeous herb and veggie roasted fish and a roasted garlic olive oil spread. I wish we could have tried some!   She did a segment on making a beautiful guest room, and we took a video tour of the upstate home of renowned Hudson River School painter Frederic Church called Olana. I want to visit it now! She also did a quickie craft segment on painting gourds as holiday decoration. After the taping she did a Q&A with the audience. She was great! She was also a lot taller than I thought she’d be. We soon filed back out to the waiting room to collect our coats and best of all…


SWAG! We got Jim Cramer’s book, Michael Psilakis’ book, a pair of pillow cases and assorted chocolates and lotions from sponsors. It was AWESOME!


The greek cookbook is amazing. I can’t wait to make things from it. I have been toying with the idea of reviewing a cookbook once a month, and this may just be book number one!  If you live in NYC or will be visiting, I suggest you get tickets for Martha.


She even had a lunch truck outside with free hotdogs and knish and hot coffee after the show. Always the consummate hostess. Thank you Martha!


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