I was supposed to post about making Cranberry Curd today, but life got in the way, and by the time I got into the kitchen the sun was down, so I knew any pictures that I would take would come out bad, so that will be for another day.   As I like to do when the weather changes into fall/winter I popped in the DVD of Little Women (loves it!) and was inspired by the gorgeous dresses, and especially the homey knits they wore. I decided to see what other people are doing with this idea… and after Googling  ‘Little Women Dolls’ I was horrified at the craptastic versions out there. Trust me, you can if you want to, but I highly recommend that you never Google ‘Little Women Dolls’. I’m really not sure what kind of crack Madame Alexander is smoking. I know the dolls are highly collectible, but I can’t figure out why. Does that make me a doll snob? I think it does.

Jo March

Since it would be impractical  to dress myself a la 1865,  I thought that I could live vicariously through some pretty little dolls.  Besides that, making adult sized historical dresses is a very big project, doll dresses are tiny! I pulled out the old graph paper and got to sketching. I especially like the 1994 Robin Swicord version of Little Women. I love the colors, the ‘real’ looking costumes and the general feeling and look of the movie… if that makes sense.  It’s a gorgeous film, and I am basing my designs on them. I want to make the bodies out of jersey or lightweight cotton, and make historically accurate, beautiful, realistic clothes. Not like the ruffle-y pink nightmares that I found when I Googled. Again, I reiterate. Ick.

Turquoise limbs.

I have started by making my doll body parts out of an old t-shirt. Don’t worry, it’s just to get the shape and size right, I don’t plan on having turquoise dolls. :O)   When I finish them I will post patterns here, but it looks like quite a project, it may be a while! But I’ll satisfy your curiosity, and mine, with updates as I go along. And who knows, if all goes well there may be a Jane Eyre and an Anne Shirley in the wings, too!


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