Vineyard; Domaine Sainte Lucie                                   Region; Côtes De Provence

Country; France                                                                   Vintage; 2008

Producer; Michel Fabre                                                    Importer; Savio Soares selections, Manhasset, NY

Alcohol; 12.5%                                                                       Price; $8.49


MIP colourA beautiful delicate warm rose pink colour


A rich nose with strong floral notes, and refreshing ripe summer berries
Crisp and clean, Not overly fruity as the nose suggests. There is a hint of peaches and strawberries linger throughout. A perfect balance of acidity in the medium finish.
Great with chicken, light flavoured fish or fruit desserts. Perfect on it’ own just to sip on a warm summers days.
Florrie‘s Footnote;
This was a great wine for the price. I sipped it with The Dutchess Club  and really enjoyed how soft acidity cut the creaminess of the avocado and cheese. It was also fantastic to drink long after the sandwich was gone.

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