Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Here’s a quick and easy way to dress up your table this thanksgiving. You can use any fabric that you have, or that matches you decor. I have had this pretty fall colored Marimekko printed fabric hanging around for a while, and I am glad to finally have a good use for it.  I have long loved Marimekko designs, ever since I was a little girl and my very 60’s mother had a pretty tote bag. Their bold bright prints are fantastic!

I got this pretty orange colorway of the ‘Kioto” fabric a few years ago. It was originally designed by Maija Isola in 1976 and these colorways were reprinted in 2005. Gorgeous! 

Mark off strips 7 inches long by 3 inches wide. I like my clear quilting square, because I can see the pattern below and make it look exactly like I want. I decided to cut along the edge of two colors so that when I folded it, the ring was reversible.

Next, fold the strips in half, right sides together and press it with a hot iron, just to keep things in line. You can pin if you like, but ironing is usually sufficient.

Now use your machine to stitch along one short edge and up the long side, leaving the other short end open to turn the fabric right side out.

turn the fabric right side out, and use something blunt yet pointy to get the corners poked back out. I used an obliging knitting needle. Re-iron to get the seams flat.

Carefully tuck the edges of the open end in, and pin the seamed edge flat,  fit about 1/2 inch of the opposite end of the strip inside the open end. Pin to secure and make a loop.

Carefully top stitch the edges. I hurried a bit so mine are a little wobbly, but take your time and yours will come out very nicely.

Now you have a super cute reversible fabric napkin ring! It can stand alone or be decorated by tacking on a felt leaf, a pretty button or whatever you have that would make it more festive.

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