Fat George

No matter how small, he will always make himself fit in an empty box.

Since Florrie got to show off her tiny Terror yesterday, I thought it was only fair that today, on National Cat Day, I get to boast about my fat baby. My fat fattie George. His many alias’ include Georgie, Fatty, Fat Fatty, Joey, Puss, or Joe. I had considered calling him Jupiter as a kitten, but he was way too sweet and goofy to be Jupiter. He was a George through and through. I got him and his brother Harry (Harrison, Mr. Stinky Butt, Harry-Cat) when they were just little peanuts. My friend’s cat had kittens and I was just going to take one, but I am a sucker for cutie pies and decided to take them both. I was still dorming in college and smuggled them into my dorm room. They were so tiny that no one noticed.  That was over 15 years ago and he’s just as silly and cute as he used to be then. Sadly, earlier this year Harry became ill and had to be put down, poor kid. But he had a good run. Fifteen years without any major health issues was pretty good. And he was a sweetie till the end. He was the most good-natured cat I ever owned. Miss you Harry Cat.

George and Harry mid-tussle

And George,  George is still a kitten at heart. He has admittedly expanded quite a bit in his old age though. For the first 6 or so years of his life he was a long and lanky kitten. Now he’s nearly 22 lbs! That does come in handy this time of year though, cause he’s a cuddly sleeper and keeps me warm at night. He’s also very chatty and is constantly having long conversations with me. So, happy National Cat Day George!

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