Baby Suprise, Finished!

I finally took the time to go to the biggest button shop I know of, M & J Trimmings on 6th ave in Manhattan. I needed some cute, yet boyish buttons for my friend Jaime-Ashley’s Baby Suprise Jacket that I finished knitting earlier this month. It knitted up so soft and warm, but it needed some special buttons to finish the job and close it up against the winter chill. The baby is due at the end of January so there will be plenty of wintertime left for him to wear this incredibly cute jacket.

And just look at these buttons!!  They are a great color. and I love the vaguely 1930’s-40’s stripes on them.  It gives the sweater a nice vintage feel which is just what I wanted. I didn’t want to go too whimsical, or too cutesy.

I can barely wait to see his chubby little fists poking out of the sleeves! I hope that I get a chance to photograph him in it. I actually have an idea for a baby sweater, and maybe I will have a willing model in two months! :O)

Psssssst. Here’s a sneak peak at something that I am working on for you for next month! Don’t ask, cause I won’t tell!

Look, its my favorite teapot! :O)

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