The Steak Jar

My very hungry boyfriend and I love to indulge in a nice steak dinner now and then, but we don’t get the chance very often because  A) steak fried in butter isn’t terribly healthy, and more importantly (to us anyway) B) steak is expensive!

When Florrie lived in her tiny Brooklyn apartment she had a grocer nearby that sold milk in these very cool glass bottles. She had several of them perched on a shelf above her kitchen sink filled with different coins. I thought, what a great idea!  During one trip I bought a bottle and after the milk was drunk it became my very own penny jar.

My Brown Bear and I were discussing how long its been since we had a  steak dinner, and we were bemoaning how broke we both were. Steak was just not in the cards for us any time in the near future.   It’s not as though we each get a little steak and call it a night. Oh no! The Brown Bear can put food away like nobody’s business, and he usually requires a decent sized porterhouse, and two club steaks. Lets not forget a club steak for me! So it’s not like we spend $20 and call it a night, its more like $45, not cheap!

When I’m out shopping and using cash I never give exact change because at the end of the day I always put all my silver coins into my red telephone box bank (which I got on Portobello Road when I went to england with Florrie in ’08). The quarters go towards loads of laundry at my local laundromat, and the nickles and dimes I use for the occasional soft drink from the vending machine at work.  And of course, the pennies go into my penny jar.  Then I had a great idea.

The steak jar in its place of honor with my cookbooks.

I decided to put some extra effort into (literally) saving my pennies and dubbed the glass bottle the Steak Jar. We would put our extra pennies in there in earnest and before you knew it, poof, steak! He disdains pennies and leaves them behind anytime he receives some as change. I am always shaking him down for them and searching through his pockets to steal them.  But don’t feel bad for him! It’s all going into his tummy.

It had been a few months and I decided to count the pennies to see how we were progressing. I dumped them out on the rug and counted. I had a whopping $3. Three Dollars! I was dismayed. I decided to change the rules and add my dimes and nickles to the mix. Cross your fingers for us! We want steak!

Here is my recipe for Steak-gasm. Oh yes, its that good. I’ve pared down the portions to something that will feed 2, instead of my usual batch that does feed me and the Bear, but would feed 4 normal hungry people. :O)

I apologise for the lack of pictures… but we haven’t been able to buy any steaks yet! lol

1 large red onion – sliced

3 cloves of garlic – peeled, whole but slightly crushed

1 small tub of cremini mushrooms-sliced

olive oil


2 five oz club steaks

big bunch of spinach – rinsed and roughly chopped

nice green salad & dressing (optional: i like to balance out the beef with some greens)

In a large skillet heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil and add the mushrooms, onion and garlic. Cover and cook for 3-4 minutes until the water has come out of the mushrooms. Uncover and cook over medium heat until everything starts to caramelize. You can help this along by adding in a teaspoon of sugar sprinkled over the mix and stirred in. When everything is lovely and brown remove the garlic and set aside. Add the spinach and toss it until its wilted and the water has mostly cooked off, you don’t have to cook it very much. Put veggie mixture onto a plate and set aside. You can cover it with tented foil if you are concerned about it going too cold.

Pat the beef dry and season well with salt and pepper.

In the same pan that you cooked the onions and mushrooms, add a little bit of oil, turn the heat up and put the steaks in. On your cutting board use the side of your knife to smash the cooked garlic cloves and mash them together, divide in half and smear the mashed garlic onto the raw side of each steak. Put dots of butter on top and when the steak is browned on the first side flip them. Make sure the first side is done to your liking, you only want to turn once. I prefer them pretty rare, so I turn as soon as I get good color on the exterior. The second side will sizzle in the butter and the garlic will crisp up and get heavenly. Oh my, you have no idea.

Remove from the pan and let the meat rest about 3-4 minutes before you serve. I also like to put a little beef stock into the pan to deglaze it, if the garlic sticks. If you don’t have any stock you can use water or wine, too. Plate it up, put the onion mushroom spinach mix on the side, pour the deglazing liquid over the meat and toss a quick green salad. Viola! Better steak than you can get at any fancy steakhouse. Its Man-Pleasin’ food at its best.

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