Mini Advent Boxes

Christmas crafts are probably amongst my favourite. At heart I am just a big child, I love the countdown to Christmas day and still get excited on Christmas eve. Here’s a crafty way to count down the days, make this as an early gift for a loved one. If you haven’t the patience to make 24 then make 12 one for each of the 12 days of christmas. This is perfect to do on rainy cold days or at night in front of the television.

Download the template for the box here, you can scale it up if you want to give bigger surprises.

List of tools;

Sturdy card, 12 or 24  images on card, pencil, ruler, scissors, craft knife, glue, double sided tape, glitter paint, brush, ribbon, hole punch

Advent boxDownload the template and print it onto card stock. Cut out out and punch out the holes

Advent boxGather the card that you want to make the boxes out of, I chose reproductions of vintage postcards, you could use old greeting cards or any pretty card stock

Advent boxPosition the template so that the best of the image will be on the top and sides of the box

Advent boxTrace around the outside and don’t forget the holes. There were many of these that I did and then realises I had not drawn around the holes

Advent box

Cut out and score along all the folds

Advent boxPunch out the holes

Advent boxMark out where the slits need to be for the fastener to work and then cut along that line

If you’d like, paint the box with some sparkly paint

I decided to paint some and not others. Leave them to dry for a couple of hours

Once they’re dry, apply some double sided tape or a dab of glue onto the right hand side of each bottom flap of the box and the side tab

When assembling the box, I find something that I know to be at right angles to fold the first side round. Then hopefully my box will be square

Fold in the other flaps and the side tab

Repeat for the others

Find yourself a decent sized tree branch or several sticks, the best ones are the thin branches that have a lot of smaller branches coming off it.

Spray paint it whatever colour takes for fancy, I chose to spray it white. I did a couple of light coats to give the illusion of it being frost covered.

Once dry, put the branch into a container so that it is upright and secure. I used a vase and some of the Tiny Terror’s gravel

Fill the boxes with sweets and thread ribbon through the holes punched in the boxes and tie with a knot at the top

Close the boxes and hang them from the branches

Pick one off for each day as you count down to Christmas day

Click here to download the template for the boxes

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