Christmas Wreath

I was torn between putting up a tree in the family room and not. I knew I wanted the room to feel and look like Christmas, but also know I have a Tiny Terror and his large train set that need the space. That’s when I decided on a wreath, it had to be large and have an impact on the room. I needed to fill the French doors. I hadn’t seen any large enough to fill the shoes of my vision, so one had to be made. 

What’ll you’ll need; 

20 ft pine garland 

3 wire coat hangers 

Thin wire ( I used ornament hooks) 

String lights (100 bulbs) 

Fishing line 

Cup hooks 

3-4 yards of ribbon 



You could, if you wanted, just buy some sturdy wire from a hardware shop. While not being the strongest of wires, you’ll probably be able to rustle up a few coat hangers in your wardrobe. 

Untwist and straighten out the hangers 

Bend them, so when laid end to end the resemble a circle 

Uncurl your wreath and figure out if there is a front and back side. 

Lay the garland front side down and form it into a circle. Double up the garland to get a bushier and more manageable sized circle 

If you’re using ornament hooks, twist two together at one end 

Secure the hanger to the wreath with the ornament hooks. The coat hangers don’t have to touch, but make sure they are spaced evenly around the wreath. Wrap the lights around the wreath, remember to leave a length long enough to reach the socket from the wreath 

This is where an extra pair of hands really helps.  Secure a hook in the middle of the wall above where the wreath will hang. Using the fishing line string it up. Your extra set of hands can support the weight and the sides. Next attach hooks about 12 inches wider than the edge of the wreath. Secure the fishing line to each outer hook and loop it around the sides of the wreath about a third of the way down. Pull the sides out until  they are symmetrical and looks like a circle. Tie tightly to the hooks. 


You can leave it unadorned if you wish. It’s very pretty late night with the lights on, or if you and add some decorations. 

Add mini baubles in clusters 

Make a bow to go over the centre hook 

Add extra ribbon to create a swag, and continue it down and tie around the wreath to hide the fishing line. Add a couple of extra baubles to cover the outer hooks 

A few finishing touches add extra sparkle 


I love the glow of the lights 

The total cost of making the wreath was around $20.00. 

Pine garland $7.00 for 20 ft from Lowes 

Baubles $3.00 for 48 from target, I love that dollar section they have 

Lights $5.00 

Ornament hooks $1.00 for 200 target 

The ribbon and cup hooks I already had, but you can pick some up relatively  cheaply

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