City Christmas Tree

My tree is white. It’s plastic. It has glitter. It is pre-lit. It is, in short, fantastic. I know what you’re probably thinking. “Ugh, I hate plastic trees! Only the real thing for me!” I do enjoy a real tree, but this tree is so much fun. It’s so cute, and its so easy to pull out of the closet, bend the branches into shape and decorate.  Best of all I don’t end up with piles of pine needles everywhere, and I don’t have to worry about dragging it out to the curb at any point. It just folds up and goes in the closet. HOWever i forgot how annoying the glitter on it is. It is EVERYWHERE! yikes. Nearly as bad as pine needles, maybe even worse because pine needles don’t get all over your face and clothes.

Wanna see some more pictures?

Who is that hiding in the tree?

Its Joey!

Daytime tree

I have my 12 Days of Christmas ornaments, my pretty felt balls and my little white birds. Love it! This friday I will be adding in some fat little white felt birds and my red i-cord garland.

I also hung some lights behind my curtain in my bedroom. So pretty! The lightweight cotton diffuses the lights and makes a very pretty glow.

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