Hair Adornments

Tis the season to party, so make sure every inch of you from head to toe is pretty. This is a project I worked on a  few months ago, but think they would make great stocking stuffers and gifts. It would also be a great pass the time activity for winters day while watching a movie.

A black and silver cameo and silver floral trim

Trim close up

Vintage ribbon with metallic trim appilque flowers

The red felt inside not only stops the band slipping it matches the red elastic and pick ups the red in the flowers

A matching hair clip, my plant was more than willing to model

Shimmering beads and silver floral trim

This reminds me of dressing up as a fairy when I was little

A bold statement, tough but feminine

It also doubles as an eye patch for a crazy chick

I love how the antiqued strands of gold beads drape delicately down

Purple is one of my favourite hues

The metallic leather peacock works beautifully with the real feathers

So I hope if nothing else you enjoyed the photographs and maybe inspired you to get a little crafty. I got a lot of my supplies from MJ trimming. The longest part of making one of these is picking out the materials.

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