The Wren Cowl

An extremely kind Raveler fixed my PDF problem and here it is!

 Click here–> for the WrenCowl

Cowls seem to be all the rage now. I suppose it’s for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are super stylish, but best of all they are oh so easy to make. It’s essentially just a tube, made even better when you can knit it in the round. Knit one on some Addi-Turbo needles it should take no time at all. You can make it smaller for a snug, turtleneck-like cowl. Or you can cast on a bunch of stitches and knit a big long tube for drapey, scrunchie goodness. I decided to go somewhere in the middle on this one. I didnt want it too tight, but I also didn’t want a big old cowl either.

The star stitch is knit on the purl side of the fabric, so in this pattern you knit it inside out and then turn it right side out to wear.  Just a few tips, if your cast on stitches are a little bit tight, sometimes it helps to knit one row before joining the round. Also remember that to get the seed stitch border you need to knit your purls and purl your knits.

Also the end of the rounds travel around this pattern in a bit of a spiral. This ensures a seamless transition as your star stitch repeats. If it sounds daunting, no worries. Once you do a few rounds it will make perfect sense.

The finished cowl measures 11 x 7 inches laid flat, and 22 inches around.

Yarn: One skein (228 yards) of Manaos Del Uraguay Rittenhouse wool for the cowl as shown. I actually had a small bit of wool left over.

Needle: US5 16inch circular needle.

Darning needle, stitch marker.

Gauge: 6 stitches and 4 rows per inch in star stitch.

Now for some easy math. You can alter this gauge to suit you. As long as you can pull the cowl over your head you are good to go, and you can make it as high as you like, though you may need more yarn than noted above. Just knit a swatch in the star stitch pattern and see how many stars per inch you get, then multiply four (the number of stitches in a star) by the circumference of the cowl you desire.  For example:

I knew I wanted my cowl to be just big enough to slip comfortably over my head which is 22 inches around. I had a star and a half per inch, which is 6 stitches. 6 x 22 = 132 stitches cast on. Easy!

 Now say you wanted a big slouchy cowl, but in the same yarn at the same gauge. You want it to be 32 inches around. 6 x 32 = 192 stitches. You would also probably want to knit it till it was a good 15 inches or so long. You would get a nice slouchy cowl that you could pull up over your head. 

You could pull mine up over your head, too. However it would leave the back of you neck exposed and chilly. Probably not so nice. :O)

Happy knitting!!

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