I-cord Wrapping


Want a fun idea for holiday gift wrapping? All you need to do is knit up some I-Cord. Its super easy.

Cast on 3 stitches to a pair of double pointed needles in a size that suits the yarn you’re using. Knit the three stitches and then slide them down the needle so that the loop with your yarn tail is on the left hand side. Put this needle in your left hand and knit the three stitches again. Repeat the sliding and knitting.

Its basically knitting a tiny tube in the round. You can get feet and feet done in just an hour. Knit it up enough i-cord so that it can go around your package a little more than 3 times. Finish off the ends with some pom poms or leave it plain.

There was a DVD for a certain tiny boy that needed some wrapping. I like the look of brown paper wrap, so I just trimmed down a brown shopping bag.

That looks about right.

Lemme just get rid of that funny edge…

Printed side up and present centered.

Fold in the edges and hold with a little tape.

Make the edges neat and tape them too. Don’t worry, they’ll be on the back. If your fussed by the wrinkly paper, feel free to iron it before wrapping with a little bit of steam. I think it adds to the rustic look and I don’t mind.

Loop your i-cord over the front of the gift, with the middle of the i-cord centered. Wrap around to the back.

Cross the cord, and pull in the opposite direction around to the front.

Tie a pretty bow in front and…

So cute!!  Look for more good i-cord ideas coking up this month.

Happy holidays!

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