Mini photo/sketch book

I’ve made these mini books for my family as stocking stuffers, I filled them with photos of The Tiny Terror. I use water colour paper so they would be perfect as a sketch or idea book for an artsy friend.

Gather these things and get making;

Large sheet of paper 20 x 30 inches, This will be enough for 5 books

Leather, suede or other fabric

1/8 inch wide ribbon

Eyelet punch

Eyelet setter


Ruler, Scissors, Craft knife, Spray glue, Hammer/mallet

Take your paper, mine got a bit beaten up in the basement

The paper needs to be 3 ½ inches wide

Measure it out and

cut the paper into strips

I like to have a production line on the go

Each page should be 2 ½ inches wide. I make a mark on both edges of the paper and

Score across the paper very very lightly with a craft knife before folding. Accordion fold the paper, use a bone folder to get crisper edges

The pages should look like this. Depending on the length of your original piece of paper there may be a page that isn’t 2 ½ inches wide, cut this one off. The first and last will be glued to the leather. In the photo above there are 5 pages (10 spaces) on the inside where you can put photos.

Put a small piece of tape along the spine of the book to keep it from springing open

Decide on the fabric you want to use to cover your book. I like leather or suede as it can be easily embossed or branded.

The fabric should measure 3¾ x 6¾ inches approximately. I measure across the front of the book, round the spine and across the back, then add an inch or so for the flap

Mark where the hole for the eyelet will be. With the fabric laying right side down, On the left side measure 2 7/8 inches up from the bottom and 1 inch in from the edge. On the right hand side measure 2 7/8 inches up from the bottom and 3/8 inch in from the edge. Punch out a hole the correct size for your eyelet

Place the eyelet through the hole, Going from the right side of the fabric to the wrong. Using the setting tool and a hammer set the eyelet into the hole with a few gentle bangs

Cut a length of ribbon 17 inches long, and thread it through the holes, so that the ends are on the outside (right side) of the book and the middle runs along the inside. Secure with a little piece of tape if you like.

Fold the cover around the book. Line up the edge of the book with the edge of the cover where the eyelet is set in 1 inch.

On the other edge of the cover where the fold over flap is put a length of tape so that the glue won’t get on it

Spay the  cover with glue and fold back around the pages again, this time lining the edge of the pages up with the tape. Press down firmly and smooth as you go

Trim the excess leather where  there is any. Fold over the flap and tie.

It’s pretty to make with coloured paper

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