Hand Knit Christmas Stockings

Handknit in just a few evenings,  homemade stockings will hold your special little goodies stuffed inside. The chunky yarn knits up fast and pretty and if you need mini stockings just use a lighter weight yarn and smaller needles. I love a project that doesn’t need to “fit”, don’t you? It opens the doors to do whatever you want!

They are knit in the round and all in one piece so there is no annoying seam or finishing work to do. Knit from the cuff down with an attached i-cord loop for hanging. Making the heel and toe in a second color is optional but oh so cute.

I love my teeny clover circular needles. Completely eliminates the need for DPN’s, at least until you get down to the heel turn and toe.

You can do any simple patterned stitch for the cuff. Seed stitch, Moss stitch, ribbing. Knit a few inches for the cuff, then slip three of your stitches onto a DPN in the same size as your circular needle. Knit two inches of I-cord and then put the stitches back onto the circular needle. The middle stitch of theI-cord is the center back of the stocking. Switch to stockinette stitch and knit away in the round until its time to start turning the heel. Put the front half of your stitches onto a stitch holder. The back half of the stitches go onto your DPNs again, with the center back in the middle of these stitches.

Knit till the heel is long enough, turn and then do a little gusset. Knit the toe, decrease evenly along each side and bind off.

These are just simple directions, and you can find lots of great tutorials on you tube about heel turning and gussets. There are endless combinations of colors and patterns. Get creative!


Ideas for Great stuffers;

When stuffing stockings I love to mix  traditional items like an orange with home made and shop bought. I find that home made gifts warm the heart in a way that something bought doesn’t. It’s the time element, knowing that someone put a time and sweat into it.

The pocket photo book, put huge smiles on my families faces last year, and they still carry it round with them.

If you have some cute, funny, or beautiful images have them printed onto little note cards. Group them together and package them in a candy bag and give them to someone as a set. It’s a great way to encourage people to stay in touch. I love receiving letters and cards through the post that aren’t bills or junk mail.

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