The Sewing Bug

Lately as I have been frantically trying to finish my holiday knitting I have been dreaming about sewing. I know how to sew and have been doing it since I was a teen, however I am not proficient and I have a lot to learn. I know the basics and have made a few halloween costumes and hemmed a lot of pants but I want to stretch my sewing wings a little.

I have a pretty nice machine that my mum gave me. She upgraded and gave me her “old” machine. Not old at all and actually quite nice. I’ve been seeing lots of cute things people are making online and the inspiration is contagious. We all know how I have crafting A.D.D. and big projects are usually beyond me, but I have a few pretty little things up my sleeve for the new year. I have my Little Women dollies that I need to work on, and a few vintagey/modern apron patterns doodled out in various notebooks. I would also like ot make some simple tailored clothing.

If you feel like getting the sewing bug take a moment to check out these great blogs for sew-spiration!

These are my favorites at the moment:

Casey’s Elegant Musings 

The Purl Bee

Some Girls Wander (by Black Apple)

Magpie Patterns

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