The First Annual Uno Show Down at The Croakery

As this is our first Christmas at The Croakery we thought it would be nice to start our own traditions. One of those traditions was an Uno championship. Up for grabs were bragging rights ( I have a very competitive family), and a trophy. 

The Players


The players;  GG, Queen of the Galaxy, Lady E, Cobra Commander, BB, Slow motion and Becky. 

( After having a disagreement about how the game was to be played I threw in my cards and stomped away from  the game). 

The Game; Round one – Everyone deals once, scores are recorded. Round 2 – The finals, the players with four lowest scores dealt one hand each and the player with the lowest score was declared the champ. 

Tensions run high


After a LOT of talk and put down, the showdown began. Tensions were high and so were the stakes. After round one Queen of the Galaxy, Lady E, Cobra Commander and BB were left to battle it out for the trophy. 

The winning hand


Cobra Commander was victorious so the trophy is on the mantel at The Croakery. 

Occupying pride of place


Talk has already begun about who will take the trophy next Christmas.

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