365 Challenge

Do you Flickr? Do you enjoy photography? Do you like a gritty challenge?

Join us in the new year with our very own FlorrieMarie 365 challenge, and show us what you’ve got on our 365 Flickr Group.

Do you have zero idea of what I’m talking about? Don’t worry. Flickr is this awesome free photo sharing website. Its where Florrie and I get our Moo cards, and if you are a Raveler you are probably familiar from uploading photos your knitting.


365 Challenges mean that you take a picture every day for a year. Some folks do a self portrait, some a landscape, some document their outfits, some document their meals. You could record the weather, the sunset, your cat. We are leaving it entirely up to you. 

Florrie will be taking a picture of the reflection of her pond to see how it changes over the seasons. I plan on switching up my photos. I still have to organize my days, but I want to do a self portrait one day, maybe a city scape another. I was thinking about commute Tuesdays. :O) And taking a picture of the subway. I like Florries idea of documenting the seasons, and I think I may take a picture of a city street once a week and watch it change. :O)

We do hope you’ll join us, or at the very least come take a look at our pictures. Well be doing a 365 update once a week here on the blog, and will be posting our pictures everyday at Flickr.

So grab your cameras! The first is only a couple of days away!

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