I am, I would say, laid back about most things. Champagne is most definitely NOT one of them. It has to be dry, the drier the better, the bubbles must be teeny tiny and I like it cold, I will not waver on these things, unless I’m drinking it for breakfast. I can not apologise for liking it how I like it. Nor will I say sorry for enjoying it, last year mine and Cobra Commanders New Year’s resolution was to drink Champagne every day for a year. After about a month I had to give up, sad as I was, I was suffering a little, I just couldn’t stop at one glass.

Drink to Celebrate, Drink to commiserate. As it’s New Years I see how its going to go.

Here are  tasting notes form some that I’ve tried;

Louis Perdrier

Appearance; Meduim bubbles, straw gold colour

Nose; Clean, crisp and fresh.

Palate;  The bubbles continue to burst on the  tongue. There is a slight  sweetness.  There are hints of light green    apples, sweet limes and lemons.

Price; $14.99

Veuve Clicqout

Appearance; Teeny tiny bubbles, whiz to the surface. Light pinkish amber  in colour.

Nose; There is a Deep rich under fragrance beneath the slightly floral, slightly honeyed surface smell, It is reminiscent of charred wood.

Palate; Bubbles burst on the tongue, not like those of a carbonated beverage, but delicate little pops. The taste is bold, limes and other citrus provide tartness,  but it is well rounded.

Price; $37.99

Chandon Brut

Appearence; Medium gold with a salmon pink undertone. The bubbles rise rapidly and are medium/ large in size.

Nose; Floral and sweet berries waft there way into the nose. These are accompanied by the scent of  fresh cut grass.

Palate; Ripe apples and pears layer over slightly stewed other fruits. There is some spicey heat in the finish, but only  a little.

Price; $ 18.99

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