On Thin Ice…

I’ve come up to the Croakery for the weekend to celebrate the new year as well as have a fun beginning to my vacation! Woo for vacation!  Since today is the first of the year its also the first day of our 365 photo challenge. Florrie and I fortified ourselves with frothy coffee and toast, bundled up and wandered out into the grey snowy afternoon to take our pictures. After said pictures were snapped, Florrie wondered aloud if the pond was frozen enough to walk on or ice skate on.

I was feeling brave so I stamped down the snow along the edge to make myself a nice stable place to stand. I found the start of the ice and gave it a tender toe tap. It held firm, I slowly tested my weight on it and it held!

I stomped my foot and all was good. Florrie was on the side, ready to spring into action should I fall through. (although after the fact she told me she was also there to take pictures and document my swim if it happened… then save me! the minx!) I inched my way out, one bit of ice at a time, clearing it of snow and listening for the tell-tale crack and pop of weak ice, but never heard it. I wandered out for several feet and the ice was just fine. It was smooth and slippery and opaque white.

I was feeling braver now and started shoveling the snow off the ice. The closer I got to the middle of the pond the darker and clearer it got.

The pond is spring-fed, so I have enough sense not to trust that ice implicitly, but along the north end it seemed just fine. Finer than fine even.

I wished that I had a pair of skates to put on and glide along. Maybe next winter. We’re supposed to be getting some snow travelling at us from the Catskills mountains tonight, and we have seen a smattering of snowflakes in the air all day.

After we put the tiny terror to bed, we’ll light a fire, and knit, record some more pods for you and have a jolly, cosy time. What a nice way to begin the new year.

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